Filling, capping, labeling and marking line

Perfume packaging solution in 15ml – 50ml – 100ml containers.

The plant is equipped with the connectivity required by the Industry 4.0 parameters and allows:
– machine edge sensor diagnostics
– alarm history
– production times and machine downtime

The dosing system is of the volumetric type with ( plunger= slitta di carico ) for foamy products, the station is with 2 nozzles and equipped with a pneumatic anti-drip device.

The caps are loaded manually and the container is then tightened in the capping station with a crimping head.

Two labeling machines are installed , one M3005 from below with a marking system for alphanumeric data and a side M3005 that applies the label on the containers

The system is complete with a Ø 800 mm rotating unloading chamber with direct current gearmotor with electronically variable speed.

Production: 1000 pcs/h based on the dosing range.