Increasingly smart labelling machines for cosmetic products

16 novembre 2020

Beauty industry has long embraced the automation of its production chain at numerous levels; the approach to smart solutions in the packaging phase is increasingly being chosen as it reduces consumption and undergoes new digitization processes, bringing significant benefits to companies.

The labelling phase consists of various possible solutions: depending on the container, the labels, and the quantities to be produced and in relation to the previous and subsequent packaging processes.

M3005, M3010 and M3015 are the best-selling models among the PMR labelling systems for cosmetic products created in recent years. They are high performance solutions that allow labelling over 3500 pcs/h and are customized according to the exact needs of the customer.

Each of these machines allows processing different containers.
All PMR labelling machines are equipped with an electronic control unit with touch-screen panel by means of which it is possible to store up to 10 different formats; this allows using the same plant with utmost ease for different productions, considerably optimizing costs.

Our labelling machines can be implemented with a hardware system in order to connect to the company network, so it is possible to remotely view the operation of the machine and download the production reports.
In this context, by embracing the « smart factory » of Industry 4.0 concept we are committed to creating applications for decentralization and collaboration between operating structures.

Labelling machines for cosmetic products will therefore always have better performance not only in terms of application quality and production speed, but also on what concerns the interconnection with the entire production system.