Yogurt with jam – panna cotta – milk

Filling and capping monoblock

Packaging solution for glass containers with twist-off cap.

For jam dosage and yogurt dosage: double volumetric rotary doser, composed of rotary pump in stainless steel AISI 316 motorized with electric motor, piloted and dosed regulation by inverter and electronic pulse counter settable from keyboard, suitable for food, sanitizable by heat; drip guard nozzle with two-way pilot valve synchronized with the dosed.

2 conical feeding hoppers (for yogurt containment and jam containment), capacity about 50 lt, made of stainless steel, one complete with level device to control the feeding pump and the other with slow rotating blade agitator (14 rounds/min ‘).

For capping:

  • Distributor with silent magnetic orientator for metal capsules;
  • Adjustable descent channel for different formats, capsule release on the fly, capsule presence control device in the channel, capsule missing buzzer;
  • Hot air capsule sterilizer heater in pre-closing position with controllable temperature;
  • Double pneumatically operated rotation screwdriver with adjustment of the closing force by means of pressure regulator with pressure gauge.

Production: about 2.000 pcs / h based on the dosage.