Lips gloss

Filling and capping monoblock

The plant is equipped with a 16-position transport star, with interchangeable product shapes, in plastic material and operated by an intermittent mechanical group with adjustable working speed.

Dosing station suitable for creamy products driven by a brushless motor, adjustable for ranges from 1 to 75 cc. Immersion dosing nozzle complete with wire cutting system.
Loading hopper with 20 l capacity, with level sensor.

Caps feeding station, composed of vibrating selector, conveyor belt, Pick & Palce system to take caps and place them on containers. The screwing unit has a closing head for screw-shaped caps, operated by a pneumatic motor with tightening torque adjustment. The unit is installed on a vertical guide adjustable in height to facilitate format change.

Plant management via PLC and touch screen panel.

Production: about 1500 pcs/h.