Filling and capping line

System for glass containers, dosage range from 20 to 1000 cc.

The dosing line is equipped with 6 nozzles mounted on adjustable guides for format changes, complete with thread-cutting device for dense products.
Loading hopper with a capacity of 70 liters, made of steel with a double cavity heated by an electric resistance controlled by an electric thermoregulator. The jam is dosed hot (70-80 °).

In line with an automatic capping machine for twist-off capsules application with diameter from 52 to 82 mm; the machine is composed of magnetic feeder for capsules with automatic selector and control sensor for capsules on the exit slide, adjustable closing equipment for twist-off capsules on containers, consisting of extraction group, pre-screwing and closing group with 2 flat straps whose speed is differentiated.

Production: 3500 pcs/h.