Disinfection, filling, capping and labelling line with sealing

Packaging solution for containers from 15 to 1000 gr.

The plant consists of:

container feeding table controlled by a gear motor unit with automatic product load step selection sensors;
2 stop and container selection groups, mounted on adjustable guides for format changes, in the disinfection and dosing stations;
– double suction nozzle container cleaning station;
double dosing station composed of 4 adjustable dosing units, dosing nozzles suitable for dense products, complete with thread cutting device;
magnetic feeder / orientator for twist off caps;
single-head capping station with magnetic clutch head, driven by a brushless motor with tightening torque calibration
transport star with 8 cells, 1 for each container format
control panels and operating panels placed on the machine in tin steel boxes.
M3010 labelling line with 2 heads for upper seal application and wraparound body label with marker;
rotating unloading table.

Production: 2000 pcs / h for 1000 gr. Jars