Disinfection, filling, capping, weighing and labeling line with seal

Packaging solution for containers from 500 to 1000 gr.

The structure is equipped with a blowing that cleans the containers with ionized air.

The hopper has two exits with a cavity to maintain the correct temperature, so that the semi-dense consistency can be preserved.
Filling station with 3 distributors; each part in contact with the product is made of AISI 316 steel; all joints suitable for food processing can be easily disinfected.

Capping station with automatic feeding for twist-off and screw caps.

This system is equipped with a weighing system that expels non-compliant containers.

Finally, the system is integrated by the labelling line that applies an upper seal and then a wraparound label on the vase.

Production: 1200-1500 pieces / h depending on the dosage.