Extra virgin olive oil

Filling and capping triblock

Packaging plant for bottles from 200 to 2000 ml.

The system has 1 blowing tower unit with an automatic rinser equipped with 6 mobile grippers, a simple blowing system with pre-installed air injection, motion transmission via cardan located in the lower part of the turret.

Filling with recirculation valve and external tank; a single screw pump draws the product from the tank and feeds the filling valves through a manifold. The filler is equipped with numerous technical devices for obtaining good productions, compact dimensions, ease of maintenance and rapid format change.

Capping unit with automatic vibrating caps feeder, complete descent channel with distribution head.

To complete the M3010 line packaging for front and back application with marking system for expiry and batch data.

Production: about 2300 pcs / h. with 1l bottles.