Disinfctant with trigger cap

Line capping machine for trigger cap, screw cap and dispenser

Roller capping machine consisting of double pair of rubber plates (adjustable in height and depth) and a pair of parallel side conveyor belts.

The conveyor belt is controlled by a gearmotor with adjustable conveying speed.

Two side belts grab the bottles and carry them inside the closure area; this stabilizes the containers during closure and prevents the rotation of the cylindrical ones.

An upper guide is installed on the plant to maintain the correct positioning of the cap in relation to the bottle.

The pair of rubber plates is driven by a brushless motor, which allows setting the desired rotation speed and torque for each product. The main data of each format can be stored in “recipes”, which can be accessed by the operator directly from the machine’s touch-screen.

The format change is very fast and intuitive: just adjust the height and depth of the rubber plates and lateral counter-rollers by means of the 4.5” touch-screen controls and handwheels equipped with position indicators.

Production: over 5000 pcs/h.