Almonds spreadable cream

Filling,capping and labelling line with seal

Packaging solution for containers from 20 to 680 ml.

Filling station with 2 dosers; adjustment of the nozzles horizontally by means of adjustable handles (jacart) and vertical movement by brushless motor controlled by PLC. Hopper with double heated wall, complete with level probe and stirrer.

Capping station with automatic feeding for twist off cap and positioning via 2-axis Pick & Place.

M3010 labelling line for the application of 2 labels: upper with seal and wrapping with centering system. High resolution ink-jet marker for printing bar codes and alphanumeric data has also been added.

This line was supplied with provision for network connection and implementation of software for remote production data management, as required by Industry 4.0 directives.

Production: about 900 pcs / h based on the dosage.