Paints, inks and adhesives: highly performing packaging solutions

20 June 2020

Even in this sector, more and more innovation and sustainability are the issues that are most important to us. Research has made great strides to improve the environmental impact of paints, enamels, solvents and adhesives and the formulations meet the demand for an increasingly competent market.

The Italian paint industry is particularly advanced and competitive, with investment rates in research among the highest in the sector and with world leadership. Italy was the first to use nanotechnology for new types of particularly resistant wood paints and patented Polyallylics, polyester paints free of styrene, toxic and flammable substance.

Even the packaging process of these products requires attention to innovation and performance.

PMR systems, both automatic and semi-automatic, guarantee simplicity and speed of use and are equipped with specific materials and seals for the treatment of any chemical product, even aggressive.

All parts in contact with the product are made of Aisi 316 stainless steel, easily removable for cleaning.

The PMR volumetric dosing systems guarantee high precision and the anti-drop and thread cutting plug nozzles ensure clean and accurate filling.

The automatic solutions can be both linear and rotary, possibly equipped with sealing heads and destackers of containers and lids. PMR systems are available for bottles, tanks or buckets. All packaging machines can be made according to the needs of each individual customer.