Syringe filling and capping system for Industry 4.0

10 April 2019

More and more, the pharmaceutical industry needs to adapt to the creation of drugs that are increasingly effective and practical, to be taken in the most correct formats and dosages. To meet this need, we have created a cutting-edge solution that allows complete automation of syringe filling and capping.

Our system foresees the loading of the product through an automatic feeder.

In the next station there is a piston test, simulating the suction and compression movement, necessary to monitor the perfect functioning of each syringe.

The filling station is equipped with a volumetric doser built in AISI 316 stainless steel, fitted with a steel needle, of suitable dimensions, to enter inside the front hole of the syringe. The volume to be dosed is adjusted using a manual ring, equipped with sensors for controlling the dosing cycle.

In the next station, the cap is loaded and closed automatically. The syringe is then automatically unloaded using a pneumatic gripper.

The hourly output is 1000 pcs/h (depending on the filling time of the product in the syringe).

The whole plant has a series of safety protections according to C.E. standards, designed to protect the operator during the working phases. The entire monobloc is managed by a touch-screen control panel, through which it is possible to set all the functions of the system.

Constant multidisciplinary research and continuous development are the characteristics of PMR products that also meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry.