Sustainable packaging: at Scanpack for an important Summit to stimulate debate

07 September 2018

Sustainability Awards is the event to be held in Scanpack-Göteborg on October 23 2018, to celebrate the successes achieved in the research and development phase, in packaging innovation and in the collaboration between sectors aimed at solving ecological challenges.

Increasingly environmental problems require an urgent and coherent response from the industries; this event, which will end with a Summit, will stimulate the discussion on the development of efficient packaging both from the point of view of resources, environmental impact and recycling.

These are the categories of awards:
Resource efficiency
Innovations in packaging that do more with less;
Drive the circular economy
Initiatives promoting the increase in recycling rates or feeding demand for recycled products;
Bio-Based packaging
Development or innovative use of new bio-based materials;
– Best Practice
Dealers or owners of brands that obtained the maximum benefit in minimizing the environmental impact of packaging and of the supply chain;
Innovations in engineering that increased the environmental efficiency of the production line (in energy or water consumption or waste reduction) or the facilitated adoption of sustainable packaging materials;
Recyclable packaging
Innovations in the design of materials / packaging for recyclability; innovative use of recycled raw materials.

And at the end, the overall winner, as Best Sustainable Packaging Innovation, chosen from shortlisted entries in the categories above.

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