PMR Labellers at BrewCon 2018, Australia

29 June 2018

Through our distributor we presented PMR labellers at BrewCon, the sixth edition of the Australian Brewers Conference and Trade Expo, which took place in Sydney from 26 to 28 June

Our labelling machines for beer bottles are based on a linear labelling system studied for body application and collar application, with lot and expiry printing system included. The perfect application is guaranteed both for wraparound or front / back labels and for wraparound and semi-enveloping necks.
A thermal transfer printer is integrated to the labelling head, which allows the entry of identification data.

BrewCon proved to be the biggest fair of the beer industry in Australia. During the three days, international speakers , business, technical and supply chain seminars were held, as well as brewery tours and workshops;  an important appointment to show our solutions with satisfaction.