Digital packaging: the link between consumer, product and manufacturer

19 October 2020

Brands are analyzing new ways to make product information more transparent and easily accessible.

Since buyers actively search for various information and small labels have small lettering, one of the tools for better communication is e-labeling: an extension of the label where the consumer can use a code to access not only the chemical composition but also additional information related to the effects of the individual components or any allergens.

The QR code is another tool used in digital communication: scanning the code with the mobile phone allows accessing specific digital content. Today these codes have become dynamic: once the QR code is printed, it is possible to alter the related page and thus create a very special experience for the consumer, who could see new information even daily.

Then there are the Stealth codes: codes practically invisible to the human eye that can be printed on logos, pictures, writings and like the QR code, once scanned with the mobile phone camera, they refer to multimedia content that can be updated in real time.

All these codes have not only value for the consumer, they can also contain useful information regarding the traceability of the product: in fact the tracked data can be managed by software that allows checking the product from the warehouse to retailing; this allows real-time control of the logistics and an optimal management of the product in terms of safety and control.

Application systems have also developed along with all these digital labelling opportunities. PMR has designed a Print & Apply system equipped with a Datamax printer (or Zebra, Sato, Tec) that can reach a resolution of 600 dpi.

This labelling machine can be provided with a column that allows for movement on the three axles. The labeling machine can also be equipped with hardware for network connection to allow remote reading of all production data.