Plants for the production of sanitizing gels

23 April 2020

Practical and effective, sanitizing gels represent the ideal alternative for cleaning hands when they cannot be washed with soap and water.

Due to the Covid 19 emergency, more and more companies are involved in the production of these gels and we at PMR have decided to optimize our systems precisely to help these companies.

We create filling and capping monoblocks, in-line solutions and semi-automatic systems.

Each solution is designed to meet different productivity requirements, the lines and monoblocks produce 1000-1200 pcs / h based on the dosage.

Generally, a good sanitizer contains denatured ethyl alcohol in the first place in the ingredients in a percentage ranging from 60-85%, capable of evaporating quickly in contact with the air, neutralizing bacteria and some viruses from the surface of the hands.

There are also products that are defined on the label as a medical surgical device, the formulation of which also contains disinfectants (germicides and bactericides) that perform an antiseptic function.

Our filling and capping systems can easily manage these substances, they are made of AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel on request.

All systems can be easily dismantled to allow easy cleaning and washing machine management is electronic, through PLC and touch-screen system.