Plants for packaging and environmental sustainability

05 March 2020

Today more and more industrial systems with a green perspective try to respond to the concept of sustainability, with an approach to safeguard the environment and the planet that hosts us.

It is an increasingly popular opinion that the organization of work, logistics and the choice of materials are the first concepts that need more attention in order to be able to build by reducing waste and consequently costs.

Starting from the transportation of raw materials from point A to point B, to the consumption of water, up to the choice of implementing 4.0 solutions that optimize production systems.

PMR is also very attentive to this issue and designs ad hoc solutions to help companies improve their sustainability.

In this perspective, for example, PMR uses aluminum, a 100% recyclable material, in many parts of the machinery: thanks to the new carbon free production methods, it is a very valuable material at an environmental level and maintains high quality and efficiency standards .

It is a green possibility that allows the total recycling of the product for an infinite number of times.

Always embracing the concept of “smart factory” of Industry 4.0, PMR is committed to creating applications that allow our machines to communicate through IT systems for decentralization and collaboration between operating structures, all of which guarantee flexibility and improve performance.

There are many steps that industries can take to improve sustainability, focusing not only on the finished product, but also dealing with the processes of the entire supply chain: PMR can also be a valid partner in this.