Food labeling: new standards from May 2018

18 February 2018

The legislative decree concerning the sanctions for the violation on the provision of food information to consumers as well as the adaptation to the Community rules on food labelling, presentation and advertising have been published. The decrees will come into force next May.

It is extremely important for consumer protection that all the regulations established in Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 regarding the provision of food information are complied with; this regulation updates and simplifies the previous rules on food labeling.

This is the list of MANDATORY INDICATIONS:
Name of the food
List of ingredients
One of the most important news concerns the indication of allergens that must be highlighted with a different character than the other ingredients in terms of size, style or color, so as to allow you to quickly visualize their presence.
Durability of the product
Expiry date: in the case of highly perishable products, the date is preceded by the wording “To be consumed not later than ” which represents the limit beyond which the product must not be consumed.
Date of Minimum Durability (MDN): in the case of foods that can be stored for longer you will find the words “best before” which indicates that the product, over the date shown, may have changed some organoleptic characteristics such as flavor and the smell but can be consumed without risk to health.
Conditions of conservation and use
Storage conditions must be indicated to allow storage and adequate use of food after opening the package.
Country of origin and place of provenance
This indication, already mandatory for some products, is also extended to fresh and frozen meat of porcine, ovine, caprine and poultry species.
Nutrition declaration
energy value / fats / saturated fatty acids / carbohydrates / sugars / proteins / salt

PMR provides different solutions for food product identification. In addition to the several labeling lines, all marking requirements are also guaranteed thanks to the various coding solutions that cover all the available technologies: from inkjet markers, to adhesive label printers to thermal transfer technologies. Where necessary, the marking system is integrated into the packaging line, ensuring continuity and precision to production.