Filling and capping machines for cosmetic sector: PMR best modules

21 February 2019

PMR filling and capping lines are flexible and able to pack containers and caps having different shapes and formats. For cosmetic sector, PMR has built a large number of lines, always meeting the full satisfaction of customers.

The filling module can have one, two or four dosing nozzles according to the required production; the whole line is made of stainless steel while the conveyor belt can be made of plastic or stainless steel.

Thanks to the electric slide, it is possible to define the dosage mode:

The dosage takes place with the slide steady, near the mouth of the container. This condition is suitable when the product is not foamy and can be dosed without the insertion of the nozzles into the bottle

With insertion:
When bottles are placed under the nozzles, they fall inside, stopping just below the edge. This mode is used when you want to avoid product residues on the bottle profile.

In this case, the nozzle goes down into the container up to its base, begins the dosage and in the meanwhile begins its ascent. This mode is used with particularly foamy fluids, thus avoiding that the fluid fall creates foam preventing correct execution.

Between filling and capping modules, a conveyor belt can be set up where the operator can manually place caps or undercaps. Alternatively a Pick & Place system can be provided for the automatic caps loading with their positioning on the bottles.

The automatic capping unit is suitable for closing plastic, glass bottles with twist-off closure, screw or pressure caps. The centring of the bottle with respect to the closing head takes place through a pneumatic device that blocks the container at the exact point.

The video here below shows you a line for cosmetic hair creams. After the filling process a heat-sealing head able to seal and cut film in roll, is provided: this system applies a protective film before capping, thus further protecting the product from any spills.

At the end of the line it is possible to install a labelling machine and / or a lot marker.
All the PMR lines are studied to obtain maximum productivity with multiple formats.