Complete automation to pack 1000 pcs/h of spreadable cream

09 December 2020

In the last 50 years of experience in the food sector we have very often designed plants for spreadable creams.

Our wealth of experience was enriched by designing and building this type of automation for companies of varying sizes and therefore with different needs.

One of our latest solutions created is a packaging plant for almond cream in 20 to 680 ml containers.
The machine consists of:
filling station with 2 dispensers;
– double-wall heated hopper with level probe and stirrer;
capping station with automatic feeding for twist off cap and positioning by means of 2-axles Pick & Place.

The system is completed by the M3010 labelling line for the application of 2 labels: upper label with seal coating and wrapping with centering system. A high resolution ink-jet marking system is used for printing barcodes and alphanumeric data.

This line can be connected to the network and equipped with software for remote production data management, as required by Industry 4.0 directives.

There are numerous benefits guaranteed by this solution: modular system that can be implemented over time, high efficiency with small footprint, low maintenance costs and limited wear of components, quick format changes, touch-screen controls for easy configuration and adjustment.