Shampoo and cosmetic creams

Filling Capping and marking  line

This system has been designed to fill, to cap and to mark 6 different containers on the bottom from 20 to 500ml; the bottles are plastic and some have screw caps, other dispensers.

The solution consists of:
1 dosing station with 2 units, with brushless motor
1 pressure capping station
1 single-head capping station for screw caps
1 lower marking group, with ink jet printing heads
– 2 side ribbons and 1 closed ring ribbon

The setting up of this system has been studied in detail by our engineers to have a continuous productivity: once the production cycle is complete, the godet that transport the containers and maintain their stability continue their route on the conveyor belt allowing the operator to load new containers.

The finished products instead, after marking, are unloaded.

With a very simple adjustment system and the management of all parameters via touch-screen, format changes are easy and intuitive.

Production: about 800 pcs/h.