Sea salt

Filling,capping, labelling line

Line with inserted volumetric powder doser provided by:
hopper, capacity 10 kg;
agitator in the hopper to keep the product mixed, avoiding the accumulation of the pieces on the bottom;
auger with variable dosages from 5 to 5000 gr .

Capping station:
closing head for automatic capping of the screw caps
pneumatic device for locking products during screwing

PMR M3005 labeller for cylindrical products, with 3 rolls centering system that allows the product to rotate on itself for the application of labels with a definitive position in respect to a reference.

The entire system is equipped with a loading / unloading plate and a conveyor belt, with a plastic sliding belt, controlled by a gear motor unit with transport speed adjustment.

Production: about 900 pcs / h.