Mignon liqueurs

Automatic bottling monoblock

Automatic filling and capping solution for mignon liqueur bottles: capacity 50 ml.System complete with loading and unloading plate, with electric photocells positioned at the entrance and exit: if the bottles fail to arrive, the machine stops.

High vacuum level filling system with 16 valves. The filling valves are of new conception with profiles that avoid any turbulence of the product to be filled and complete with anti-drop system.
The bottles that arrive on the conveyor are driven inside the block by means of stars and counter-stars, made of HD polyethylene to guarantee minimum wear and a completely silent operation.
Capping station with mechanical cap elevator, automatic cap feeder mounted on the top of the machine and capper with 3 heads for aluminum screw caps.
Electronic control of the machine via Siemens touch screen PLC.

Production: 3600 pcs / h.