Liquid wax for oil lamps

Filling, capping and labelling line

Packaging system for 1 l PET containers.

Station with 1 volumetric doser for liquid products, with suction and delivery speed adjustable via flow regulators. PNP device for stopping and selecting containers on the conveyor belt.

Automatic cap selector feeder complete with pick & place device for automatic insertion of the cap on the mouth of the container.

Station with one-head clutched capper, suitable for closing plastic or glass products with screw cap with pressure.

Automatic labelling line for wrapping application on cylindrical containers, system equipped with a motorized side counter-reel.

The system is complete with a rotating loading chamber, Ø 800 mm and a single-belt conveyor belt, both with direct current gearmotor with electronically variable speed.

Production: about 400 pcs / h.