Cleanser with trigger cap

Capping and labelling line

The plant is designed for containers with oval and cylindrical base, and consists of:

Roller capping machine with double pair of rubber plates (adjustable in height and depth) and a pair of parallel side conveyor belts.

An upper guide is installed on the plant to maintain the correct positioning of the cap in relation to the container.

The pair of rubber plates is driven by a brushless motor, which allows setting the desired rotation speed and torque for each product. The main data of each format can be stored in “recipes”, which can be accessed by the operator directly from the machine’s touch-screen.

M3010 Labelling Machine for front/back application on oval bottles and wrap-around on cylindrical bottles. The solution consists of:

  • 2 Classic New3 labeling heads;
  • conveyor belt;
  • orbital centering device,
  • upper counter-roller
  • derived side counter-roller

The system is equipped with an Ø 800 mm rotating discharge chamber with electronic variable speed direct current gearmotor.