Cosmetic and talcum powders

Mixing, filling and capping line

Packaging solution in 125g containers.

The system consists of two mixers to transfer the powders to the dosage units, a pump for liquids capable of dosing the fragrances and then creating the compound which is then poured into the containers through a 5-nozzles filling machine.

The dosing system is with a brushless motor and a continuous control of the dosing speed is required to maintain an optimal filling tolerance (+ / – 2%).

The filling of the cap is automatic, through a vibrating channel the caps are oriented which are set in the feeder all in the same position.

Through the conveyor belt the containers are conveyed towards the capping monoblock, here a pressure closing head completes the packaging.

The entire system is managed by touch-screen control panels and is equipped with safety systems that block operation as soon as any anomalies are recorded via the sensors.

We have also provided this customer with a M3010 labeller for front and back application, so product packaging is complete.

Production: 1800 pcs/h.