Bicolored chocolate cream

Filling, capping and labelling line

Packaging solution for containers from 300 to 500 gr.

The hopper has two outlets with a cavity for maintaining the appropriate temperature, so that the semi-dense consistency can be preserved.

Filling station with 2 dosing nozzles; each part in contact with the product is in AISI 316 steel; all gaskets suitable for processing food products can be easily sanitized. PNP device for stopping containers in the filling area.

Capping station with automatic feeding for twist off cap and plastic screw cap.

Finally, the plant is completed with the M3010 labelling line that applies a wraparound label on the jar.

The control and monitoring of the machines takes place via PLC, the touch-screen system is easy and intuitive. There are photocells that monitor the various production processes so that all the pieces have a high quality standard.

Production: about 1000 pcs / h. based on dosage.