The Innovative Pick & Place System

22 June 2017

This system for dosing caps, together with our engineer’s skill, made the filling, capping and labelling line, flexible and solid at the same time.

PMR SYSTEM GROUP often has to find simple and efficacious solutions: this is the example of one of the latest lines designed and built for a German customer, leader in cosmetics production.

The solution has been designed for plastic containers and the line consists of:

  • infeed table;
  • conveyor belt;
  • two cylinder filler;
  • automatic loading and positioning of caps;
  • capping station;
  • closure caps with dispenser pump;
  • labelling machine;
  • bottom marking device and outfeed table.

In a world where industrial production is increasingly automated and interconnected, We at PMR SYSTEM GROUP are committed to researching technologically advanced solutions, but always faithful to our philosophy of simplicity.