Olive oil: bottling and labelling

16 September 2019

For a correct choice of the bottling plant, some aspects must be carefully evaluated:

– the average annual quantity of oil that is intended to be bottled-packed and for which there is already an adequate and minimum sales placement;

– the type of automatic or semiautomatic machine must be considered on the basis of volume and storage-packaging periods;

– the choice of system must be appropriate for the type of container most used: bottle, cans or other.

For small and medium-sized companies that usually bottle their product only at the time of the request, it is advisable to focus on semi-automatic machines that perform filling and capping, associating them, perhaps, with a semi-automatic labelling machine.

For companies that already have higher production standards (over 4000 bottles per day) PMR offers types of systems that can be able to perform various operations with a single monoblock: filling, capping (screw, pressure or pilfer proof), automatic loading of the caps, labelling of body and seal labels, possible batch marking and expiry.

We also create separate modules that carry out only filling or only capping, of small dimensions, which of course can work in line with other systems to complete all the bottling phases.

Our machines are able to manage different formats: cylindrical, square, triangular and there is the possibility to vary the capacity according to your needs, with a range of bottles from 5ml to 2000ml.