Labeling machine for wrapping application on hexagonal bottles

18 July 2018

18To have an increasingly attractive impact, our customers study packaging and special labels for their products.
Our engineers are therefore always looking for custom solutions to adapt to ever new needs. An example of custom-made solution we studied for a London customer is this rotary labeling system for hexagonal bottles with wraparound label application.

The machine is equipped with an auger that selects the containers, an infeed and outfeed star to handle the product and a set of brushes for the correct application of the label.

Both the design and the graphics give this product an important appeal and our solution allows the optimization of production, which is about 3000 pcs / h for range of 500 ml. As many of our systems, also this machine is equipped of format changes devices, being adaptable to different containers from 250 to 1000 ml.