Ipack-Ima 2022: PMR presents innovative machines in Industry 4.0 logic

31 May 2022

Animated by the will to restart after two years marked by the inability to hold exhibition events, PMR exhibited at Pharminteck / Ipack-Ima its renovated filling, capping and labeling equipment geared toward strong technological development.

PMR has always aimed to support customers in all their business needs, so it has designed a compact, easy-to-use and extremely economical solution: the new PMR MFC 22 Monoblock, a machine for filling jars with liquid/dense products and capping with twist-off caps or screw caps. The plant, with an AISI304 steel structure, is equipped with a through conveyor belt and star wheel; the platform allows the most suitable dosing and capping system to be installed for the characteristics of the product to be packaged. In fact, our engineers adapt the monoblock according to various needs, and it is therefore possible to customize it with: volumetric feeders, magnetic or solid flow meters, gear or peristaltic pumps, pneumatic, mechanical, brushless or total brushless capping machine. This flexibility in terms of combinations makes it possible to find the perfect match to achieve maximum performance.

Cap placement is automatic, with single-format loader/guide, and can be done “pull-off” or with Pick & Place. Productivity up to 1000 pcs/hour, per nozzle installed (depending on product). The monoblock, like all others on display at the exhibition, can be implemented with Industry 4.0 best practices.

Courtesy of Lantania, a company that manufactures cleaning products, we had the opportunity to show the filling and capping line we just made for them.

The solution, with 4 nozzles, has a dosing range from 50 to 1300 ml, a capping machine with electric vertical movement and a capping system for screw caps, with the possibility of replacement head suitable for pressure caps. It is the ideal solution for the chemical industry, manufacturers of paints, disinfectants and detergents, and is a modular system, so it is also suitable for implementation over time.

Also present at Ipack Ima is the Roller Capping Machine, a 6.000-piece-per-hour machine adaptable to various types of caps, including triggers, driven by brushless motors and equipped with a digital panel with remote assistance and interfaced to external systems in smart manufacturing.

The exhibition was completed with the labeling lines of which PMR is the market leader: the M3010 FR labeling machine for the simultaneous application of 2 labels and M3005 T for the application of labels on cylinders. Also in our labeling machines many customers have chosen to implement Industry 4.0 systems, so PMR has worked on the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) by developing ad hoc software capable of managing format changes quickly and easily, and having various information available that by connecting to the company network can be read remotely and can be integrated with the company’s management system.