Remote testing of labeling machines and filling and capping lines

19 March 2021

The travel limit imposed by the medical emergency was a constraint that led to the need to implement innovative systems in order to meet the needs of companies to always remain in contact and well supported.

PMR has created solutions for remote work and tools for video conferences, to ensure proper efficiency of all departments given the fact that it has become customary, especially for the foreign market, to carry out remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

The testing of labeling machines and filling and capping lines are usually carried out at the PMR headquarters in the presence of the customer who checks the correct operation of the system, the format changes and the various parameters set; finally, the customer can pick up the finished product and check its quality and integrity.

We have made this remote process possible, showing all the components purchased by the customer, sharing all the test and order confirmation documents and making all the batch reports processed by the machine available to the customer in real time.

PMR provides in real time images of the packaged product, if necessary also weighing the containers to check the correct filling.
All the multimedia systems and technologies implemented by PMR have allowed us maintaining quality, effectiveness and proximity to the customer despite the difficulties caused by this unusual period in which we found ourselves. Surely this rapid innovation will bring mutual benefits in saving time, optimizing resources and providing fast and punctual support.