The PMR packaging line that allows automatic dosing for liquids, creams and powders

05 July 2018

Our customers need more and more high-performance solutions that have to adapt to multiple exigencies. We have created a line for filling liquids, creams and powders in containers of various sizes. The project envisaged a solution with a double filling station, so when the powders are dispensed, the liquid / cream dosage remains inactive and vice versa.

All the parts in contact with the product are made of Inox AISI 316 with gaskets suitable for the chemical composition of the substances to be dosed.

The packaging line was also equipped with a single head capper and a labelling machine M3005 for the automatic application of labels. To allow printing of expiry date and lot, a high resolution Ink-Jet Marker has been integrated at the end of the line.

A definitely ambitious project that gave life to an exploitable solution for different products, allowing our client to adapt his production and diversify it according to market demands.