Our machines are designed to work with any chemical product: from household cleaners, to engine oils, from paints to solvents. All PMR solutions can handle every type of container and all caps typically used in these sectors (spray, trigger, security closure). We offer solutions that can be adopted for small productions or large lots.

Construction Industry

The solutions we propose are suitable to handle the most different formats and specific substances belonging to this industry. The numerous varieties of fillings and the possibility to manage any kind of labelling make sure that   the highest standards of quality are always guaranteed, even with substances that require special attention.


PMR solutions are also designed for atypical containers with special closures. During the filling phase our machines are able to handle a wide range of materials having different viscosity such as: creams, shampoos, soaps, perfumes and powders. With our lines it's possible to manage, with a simple change of format, different products, thus reducing considerably time and cost.


Our solutions are characterized by the accuracy in every production phase, the highest attention to hygiene, the aesthetics care, the versatility in the management of any product, package and type of closure; from sauces to fruit juice, from pasta to coffee, from oils to jams, from yogurt to spices. We study format changes with easy management based on the different exigencies.


Our machines meet the specific requirements of this industry: with scanners and sensors we realize a rigorous verification of production phases ensuring safety and due process. With our solutions we manage the labelling of any format and the application on all kind of pharmaceutical products.


For this market PMR solutions are particularly attractive as they guarantee quality, high efficiency, reducing production time and consequently cost. Products are handled with great caution and the various labelling opportunities enable to enhance the product in compliance with the regulations in force.