Packaging line

Automatic plant for the packaging of tealights, designed ad hoc on customer needs.

The line includes a rotating loading table on which the external bodies of the lights will positioned, already fitted with lids, will be placed for their transfer onto a conveyor belt that will carry the individual products under the two labeling stations.

The first labelling station is suitable for a superior application; the second one suitable for a wrapping application of the label on the lumino body.

After being labeled, the external body of the lamp is positioned under the third processing station which, equipped with an automatic feeder and a pick & place system, positions the “flame” of the light at the hole on the lid. 
The external bodies come, always with a pick & place system, positioned above the internal body thus realizing the complete assembly of the tealight.

At the end of this last processing phase, the discharge takes place on a storage table.

Production: about 400 pcs / h.