Shampoo and creams

Filling and capping line

Packaging solution in containers from 150 to 1500 ml.

Dosing station for volumetric filling of dense, semi-dense and foamy products, with brushless motorization. The system is equipped with 4 dosing nozzles, the dosing value is set from the touch screen control panel, with the possibility of storing various recipes.

Vibrating cup for feeding caps and Pick & Place system for automatic positioning of the cap on the container.

Single-head capping station with head for screw cap; pneumatic device for locking products during screwing.

The PNP devices for stopping and selecting containers on the conveyor belt at the filling and capping stations are inserted in line.

Completing the loading and unloading tank system with an electronically variable speed gear motor.

Production: 1200 pcs/h for the 500 ml format.