Food additives for animals

Filling, Capping and labelling line

Filling, capping and labelling plant made for 1 to 5 liters jars.

The dosage is of the volumetric type and the operation is totally pneumatic; the noozle enters in the jar almost in contact with the bottom, avoiding the formation of foam during the entire process.
It is possible to set a delay in raising of the noozle using a timer in order to remains completely immersed inside the product. This system has been specifically designed for filling foamy liquids.

The automatic capping unit is single-head ,suitable for closing with screw caps of plastic or glass jars, there is a pneumatic device for locking products during the screwing. 2 heads were provided for the closure of 2 different sizes caps.
The system is completed with the M3005 labelling line for applying labels on cylindrical containers.

All system parameters can be set from the PLC touch screen.

Production: about 500 pcs / h. for 1l jars