Beer bottling: cutting-edge technology for production efficiency

15 September 2020

The beverage sector has an increasing need for solutions that allow optimizing productivity while maintaining high quality standards.

Monoblocks are certainly among the automatic machines that guarantee precision and performance.

PMR creates this type of plant and one of our latest installed solutions is the Automatic monoblock for 75 and 50 ml cylindrical glass bottles, for “no-foam” beer filling.

The plant is calibrated to easily allow hourly production without the need for operator’s intervention, except for the loading of the product and containers.

This plant consist of eight-spout gravity filler and capping machine for crown caps diameter 26 and 29 mm.

The dispense taps are in stainless steel with hot sanitizable gaskets.

The liquid in the tanks is controlled by means of level probes and relays.

The system is equipped with a PLC control panel and touch-screen display, which allows easy and intuitive control and the ability to have accurate feedback in the event of alarms or anomalies.

One of the many advantages of this bottling solution is the compactness of the plant, which allows for space optimization, and almost non-existent maintenance.