Print & application labelling machines for logistics

22 April 2021

The evolution in the production logic, distribution and opening of new sales channels at a global level has completely changed the role and functions of a logistics operator. Logistics must increasingly rely on structured and digitized processes, based on innovation and sustainability.

PMR creates solutions for the application of labels which allow printing alpha-numeric data and bar codes in real time. These automatic labelling machines are equipped with printers such as Datamax printer, Sato, Zebra, Tec, or Cab depending on the specific needs of the customer or product and have a resolution ranging from 200 to 600 dpi.

These are therefore particularly valuable systems for the labelling of boxes, envelopes and packages in general, handled on conveyor belts on which the PMR print and application labelling machines can be installed, by means of a cast aluminum column with joint able to guarantee movement on the three axes.

The specific warehouse labels are essential tools to increase the credibility of the product and are necessary for a complete warehouse management, in order to speed up the production chain with the minimum margin of error. Whatever the industrial sector, labels are used for daily operations: goods distribution, sorting, shipping, delivery, positioning, invoicing.

PMR also designs and manufactures special labelling machines for pallets; this solution with tilting arm allows printing and applying the labels on two contiguous sides (front and side) and features an air jet applicator that sucks up the labels and then places them in the stationary pallet.

The logistics and freight transport sector have an increasing need for an accurate traceability of all goods in order to ensure an optimal level of service to the end customer. This is why procedures for the IT identification and traceability of the goods have been carried out in order to allow accurate control and also better organizational efficiency.