Labelling machines with vision system for quality control

15 February 2021

Computer vision helps carrying out complex industrial tasks in a reliable manner.
It is inevitable that computer vision systems can collect useful information and process it faster and in a more accurate way than human inspection.

Thanks to the correct configuration and intelligent use of a vision system, companies can reduce costs, and improve the quality and speed of the production process with drastic reduction of the waste rate.

PMR labelling lines include the systems most suited to the various needs of each product for perfect diagnostics: from the presence of the label to the inspection of its correct positioning, barcode reading and check of prints and texts.

Sensors and cameras can be installed both on each individual labeling unit and on the machine body to perform the check before or after application, and are optimized for PLC connection.

The connection with waste and alarm management systems guarantees that only products that comply with the quality standards leave the machine.

The systems installed on our labelling lines rely on one or more cameras with specific lenses to capture images, so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze, and measure different features in order to accept or reject the product.  A vision system can recognize, identify, select, read codes and characters and emit a light signal accordingly.

In order to implement a system that is reliable and sturdy, efficient and fast, it is essential to define the required results and the available input data; for this reason, during the plant design phase our engineers compare themselves with the client to obtain an accurate definition of parameters.