Continuous labelling machine: high speed and extreme precision

10 January 2020

Our engineers have created a compact labelling system for applying a stamp on meal vouchers, in continuous form.

Precision and speed make this plant an effective and highly productive system. Our engineers have implemented a solution that reaches a sliding speed of 80 meters per minute and is composed of:

– motorized drive module

– 3 PMR Classic New3 labeling heads

– 3 barcode scanners (to check for the presence of the label)

– 3 pre-end coil alarms with lamp

– 3 motorized unwinders

– 1 bending machine

PMR labeling machines are used worldwide by SME, large companies and multinationals. Through the personalized study of each solution, our engineers are able to satisfy any need in many sectors: from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, from food to beverage, from chemicals to paper manufacture.

The labeling machine for continuous form application is designed to guarantee the value of the investment over time; with the spirit of authentic partnership with which we work on our projects, we have also built a relationship with this customer based on service, assistance, advice and optimization.

An industrial solution created with the care of an artisan project.